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We at Monks Bouffe wake up each day to inspire each one of us to change our food habits, rooted in tradition & nutrition.

The Monks Bouffe community is your companion on the journey towards growing, consuming, experiencing and living a regenerative lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Groceries and food products are cheaper through some other channels. Why should I buy the Monks Bouffe safe, clean & nutritious (organic/natural) produce?

Monks Bouffe provides the transparency to make sure that the produce is as per what we claim. Due to the traditional seeds and regenerative methods of farming used on the farms all our produce is comparatively more nutritious.

Also, Monks Bouffe works as a community, therefore consumers and farmers are both essential for us - paying fare pricing to the farmers is a part of our process.

How do we trust whether the Monks Bouffe produce and products are genuinely safe and clean (organic/natural)?

Monks Bouffe provides the transparency to make sure that the produce is as per what we claim. We also organise farm visits at specific times of the year for anyone who would like to accompany us and experience the farms and learn about the farming methods practised.
Is Monks Bouffe just a grocery store?

At Monks Bouffe, we wake up each day to inspire (and provide means to) each one of us to transition our food habits - “ROOTED IN TRADITION & NUTRITION”

We provide regenerative farm consulting services to urban farmers and rural farmers/farmer groups while providing Traditional food products (groceries and value-added) and offering magical experiences like our forest walks and art retreats.

Where do you pack and ship all the products from?

Our central warehouse and packing unit is located in Mazagaon, Mumbai where produce from all the farms is received, cleaned once again and packed for final dispatches to each one of you.

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