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Monks Bouffe

Khapli Wheat Flour

Khapli Wheat Flour

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Naturally Grown
The Monks Bouffe Khapli wheat is a heirloom variety of khapli grown in the Parbhani region of western Maharashtra. It is exclusively grown by our farmer friends using natural/organic farming practices.

Reviving this ancient variety
It is speculated that Khapli wheat came to Northern India (Kashmir) from the Persia & Afghanistan region of the Middle-east. While it reached Southern India by the sea route from NoorthEastern Africa. Khapli has been grown on our land for over 10,000 years though the revival of this nutritious variety has just begun once again. A large number of farmers especially in Maharashtra have now started growing this ancient variety.

Easy to Digest
Moving away from the common belief that wheat is difficult to digest, the low gluten content and the low glycemic index make khapli comparatively easy on the stomach & easier to digest. Many doctors, nutritionists and dieticians have now started recommending Khapli wheat for daily use when it comes to flat breads like rotis, chapattis or parathas.

Stone Ground & Hand Seived
Khapli wheat kernals are stone-ground to keep its nutrition value intact. Due to less generation of heat during stone-grinding, the nutrition value and the flavour of the flour remains intact. Stone ground milling usually happens at a macimum speed of 40RPM.

Traditional Processing of Khapli Wheat
Step 1: The Spikenet when hard is harvested and soaked in water.
Step 2: It is then dried (number of days depends on the region)
Step 3: Fiercely thrashed to free the seeds.
Step 4: The seeds are once again soaked and dried.
Step 5: The seeds are then thrashed again to get the long thin edible meal of Khapli

6 Key Benefits Of Khapli Wheat
1. Low Glycemic Index
2. Rich in Fibre
3. Easy to Digest
4. Rich in Vitamins & Minerals
5. Good source of Proteins
6. Good source of anti-oxidants.

1. 1. Is Khapli/Emmer Wheat Gluten Free?
A: As per general messaging Khapli has been said to have 'No Gluten Content', though Khapli is a wheat variety with minimal gluten content.

2. What is gluten?
A: Gluten is a protein found in wheat. The word glutencomes from the latin word "glue" that means to hold together. It actsas a binding agent to keep the food together and give it the requiredconsistency. Some people mayhave issues with digesting the gluten in wheat. And therefore they may besuggested to consume a wheat variety that is low in gluten. Khapli/Emmer wheatbeing one of the options.

3 What is the difference between Khapli & other wheat varieties?
A: Khapli Wheat has high fibre and low gluten content which makes it easier to digest as compared to other wheat varieties.

4. Is Khapli Wheat easy to digest?
A: Khapli Wheat has high fibre and low gluten content which makes it easier to digest as compared to other wheat varieties.

5. What is the gluten content in Khapli Wheat?
A: The gluten content in Khapli Wheat is anywhere between 1%-3% only.

6. What is the difference between stoneground and roller milled flour?
A: Stone ground mills work at a maximum speed of 40 RPM while roller mills work at a speed above 120RPM and sometimes even at 160RPM.

Size Guide:
1Kg Khapli Wheat = 40 No Of Gujarati Chapatis or 10 Bowls Of Halwa or 40 Servings Of Porridge

Knowledge Guide
1. Type: Long Grain

2. Crop Frequency in India: Annual Crop

3. Sowing Season in India: Rabi Season (Sowing – Mid October To Mid December & Harvested - Mid March Onwards)

History Can Be Fun to Know!!
> The earliest evidence of cultivation of Khapli wheat comes from the Neolithic archeological site of Mehrgarh (6000-5000 BCE)
> The archeological findings in Haryana, Kanishkapura in Kashmir, Harappan settlement of Rohira in Punjab also show evidence of Khapli cultivation

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Customer Reviews

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Preeti Sanghani
Amazing Kapli Wheat Atta

It's absolutely stunning Khapli wheat flour, near clean and healthy.. Super light on stomach.. Feels great.. It's brings back my childhood memories when I used to eat nice food.. Thank you Monks Bouffe

Amazon Customer
Softest & healthiest chapatis ever

Though priced little high, yet it does't bother , so long as the quality is delivered. The chapatis are very soft and tasty. Good amount of fibre for health. Best buy foy health, hygiene & taste conscious. Go for 5 kg instead of 1 kg pack, as former is cheaper.