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The Myths of Safe Pesticides by André Leu

The Myths of Safe Pesticides by André Leu

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The chemical-based conventional agriculture industry claims that the synthesized concoctions they sell as pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides are safe when used as directed, but does the scientific evidence truly support their assertions?

Organic agriculturist and lecturer André Leu delves into a wealth of respected scientific journals to present the peer-reviewed evidence that proves the claims of chemical companies and pesticide regulators are not all they seem. Leu translates technical jargon into layman's terms to break down the five most repeated myths about pesticide safety, refusing them using scientific data. 

Learn the truth behind

1. The “RIGOROUSLY TESTED” Myth. Most pesticide formulations sold on the market are not tested for safety.

2. The “VERY SMALL AMOUNT” Myth. The smallest amounts of chemical residues can be harmful.

3. The “BREAKDOWN” Myth. Many pesticides are more toxic when they biodegrade.

4. The “RELIABLE REGULATORY AUTHORITY” Myth. Regulatory authorities are ignoring a large body of peer-reviewed science showing the harm caused by pesticides and making decisions on data free assumptions.

5. The “PESTICIDES ARE ESSENTIAL TO FARMING” Myth. Toxic synthetic pesticides are not needed in farming as organic farming can feed the world.

The pesticide industry argues that human agriculture, and thereby the global population itself, cannot survive without using pesticides and herbicides, but Leu warns that human health is at great risk unless we break free of their toxic hold and turn to more natural methods of pest and weed regulation. 

A timely message for India as it mulls a transition to organic agriculture. 


André Leu breaks the chain of corporate misinformation on pesticides and unmasks the failure of chemical warfare against pests. As Leu points out, there are ecologically, economically, and socially viable alternatives to chemical agriculture. --Miguel A. Altieri, PhD, professor of agroecology, University of California Berkeley

Piercing, commonsensical details that dissolve defective, manipulative science designed solely by the poisoners. Enjoy this empowerment and help stop criminal profits. If you do not know, you will not protect yourself or those you should. --Michael Potter, president, Eden Foods

As a staunch opponent of pesticides, I thought I knew the arguments. In the wonderful gift to the integrity food movement, André Leu gives even the faithful a quotable, understandable, captivating text to affirm and strengthen our arguments. --Joel Salatin, Folks, This Ain't Normal

About Author

André Leu is the president of the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements, the world umbrella body for the organic sector. He has over forty years of experience in all areas of organic agriculture, from growing to pest control to education in Australia and many other countries. He has written and published extensively in magazines, newspapers, journals, and other media and testified before governments on many areas of organic agriculture. André and his wife own an organic tropical fruit orchard in Daintree, Queensland, Australia, that supplies quality-controlled fruit to a range of markets from local to international.

Publisher: Other India Press (2015)

Paperback : ‎ 168 pages


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