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Cassia Tora Coffee

Cassia Tora Coffee

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Foraged from the wild: Commonly known as Tarota or Takla locally in Maharashtra, this is a plant that grows wildly on farm and forest boundaries across peninsular India. Our Cassia Tora seeds arrive from the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra.  

Cassia Seeds Pan-roasted to perfection: Carefully foraged and selected cassia tora beans (locally known as tarota or takla), dried and pan-roasted to perfection. This intricate process adds the rich flavour and aroma to the final product.

Straight from the Wild to Your Coffee Table: Tarota has been an integral part of the women farmers in the Vidharbha region. After their work on the farms has been done for the day, these women wander through farm lands and forest boundaries, chatting and joyfully singing cultural and religious songs while they forage cassia tora seeds. These seeds are then collated and hand processed before they reach us - Rich in flavour, aroma and nutrition.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Nanna Nik
    Not bad but not tasty


    Taste a lot like coffee

    It tastes like coffee a faint not so strong coffee but I like it's caffeine free... actually I like it...but some of it remains undissolved in the bottom so strain it before drinking...... enjoy.... must try's also cheaper than decaff coffee

    Strong and smoky

    I really dislike decaf so have been trying naturally caffeine free "coffee". Not bad at all! You can trick yourself with this one as well.
    Has a bunch of benefits too apparently but drink in moderation!
    Was delivered absolutely fresh, and in a glass jar which I always prefer