Special Ramadan Dried Fruit Combination 1

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Special Ramadan Dried Fruit Combination 1

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A special assortment of Organic/Naturally grown dried fruits and nuts for your Iftars and Ramadan Gifting!

Coming straight from the valley of Kashmir, grape fields of Nashik and orchards of Goa, these dried fruits & nuts are sure to add flavour to all of your recipes or even be a nutritious snack to break your fasts. 

No harmful pesticides were used during the flowering season of each of these fruits and nuts which is what gives them their distinct & sweeter taste. 

When you choose this Combo, you are choosing to help push ancient natural farming and orchard management techniques which allow the regions and the farmers to thrive.

Organic Goan Cashews - 100g
Organic Kashmiri Almonds - 100g
Organic Kashmiri Walnuts - 100g
Organic Nashik Raisins - 100g
Natural Black Dates (Seeded) - 100g 

Produce of India