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Organic Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil

Organic Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil

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Being one of the most versatile edible oils, this groundnut oil can be used widely across all your food preparations. Extracted from a desi variety of groundnuts (peanuts) from Rajasthan, this wood-pressed groundnut oil is as pure and nutritious as an oil can get. 

Prepared using traditional bullock Ghanis, an ancient method that helps preserve nutrition of the rich groundnuts and gives the usually neglected Bullocks a new meaning and purpose. 

Void of cholesterol and trans fats but rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E. It also helps decrease blood pressure that reduces stress on your cardiovascular system.

When you choose this oil, you are not only creating opportunities for farmers and cattle alike but also supporting the sustenance of traditional oil milling practices. 


Ingredients: Naturally Grown Groundnut Seeds

Step 1: Desi Groundnuts grown using natural/organic methods

Step 2: Groundnuts are harvested and deshelled

Step 3:  Wood-pressed using ghani with the help of Bullocks

Step 4: FIltered for any impurities 

Step 5: Packed and delivered to you 

How to use: Use in place of all your refined cooking oils across cooking preparations.

Precautions: Stay away in case of groundnut allergies

Storage: Store in Cool dry place away from sunlight 

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