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Wild Hibiscus Powder (Roselle)

Wild Hibiscus Powder (Roselle)

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This indigenous powder, is a way of life.

A refreshing herbal tea option, a cooling summer drink and a fun twist to your mocktails or cocktails.


Roselle or ambadi as it’s known in some parts of India is an eye catching indigenous plant which our ancestors used from times immemorial to refresh themselves from the harsh summer heat or to welcome guests who’d have travelled long before arriving at their destination.


Consuming this handcrafted, shade-fried roselle petals powder is a way to respect our local foods, our soil and to support the farmers who carry forward our rich heritage.


Roselle is a wild variety of hibiscus which grows in tropical climates of the Caribbean islands, Africa and India. Apart from a distinct refreshing taste it is :

  • High in Vitamin C
  • High in Antioxidants
  • Cooling to the Body


A perfect drink after a workout or a long physical day. 


We've tried a few different varieties of sherbets, cocktails and mocktails while also savouring it with butter milk at times.


Ingredients: Shade-dried Roselle petals powder


Best before 12 months from date of manufacturing


Precaution–Roselle generally does not have any side effects but over consumption should be avoided.

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Anant Bhoyar
Hibiscus is a "KALPAVRUKSHA" for our human being.

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