Mumbai Agriculture Study Circle


TOPIC - Can Organic/Natural farming feed 1.4 Billion Indians?

✓ Scaling Natural/Organic farming nationwide.

✓ Discussion on policies and on-ground implementation.

✓ The narrative from Sri Lanka crisis has been that organic farming efforts have played a major role in their crisis. Is this true?

✓ Does organic/natural farming lead to a decline in food output?

✓We will also be covering what is the truth and what should we do about it?


Rohit Parakh

Rohit is the National Facilitator for States at National Coalition for Natural Farming. He is also a Steering Group member at Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture (ASHA) Kisan Swaraj.

Meetup in Colaba: CED, Behind Regal Cinema, Front of The Gordon House, Colaba. 

Saturday - 28th May, 2022 

10 a.m to 12 p.m.

To join - RSVP on 9773000939 

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