Roselle Churmundo by Chef Ashwinin Pai

Makes 15 nos

Ghee 1.25 cups

Khapli wheat flour 2 cups

Cardamom pods 5 pods

Roselle powder 4 tbsp

Sugar powdered 1.25 cups

Roasted almonds 15 nos


  • Powder the cardamom seeds
  • Roast wheat flour for 25-30 minutes in a heavy bottomed vessel till it gives a fragrant and nutty aroma and turns slightly darker. Keep stirring continuously on a slow flame to avoid burning. Remove in a large mixing bowl and cool to room temperature
  • Melt ghee and add it in the roasted flour. Add powdered sugar and roselle powder. (Add a little at a time and adjust quantity as per your taste)
  • Add one almond to each piece and roll between your palms to shape into round ‘undos’ or laddos
  • Store in an airtight container

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